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Carlos Sabater Piqueres

Carlos Sabater Piqueres




Affiliation: University of Alicante

Fields or areas of research Atomic and Molecular EBidimensional Materials , Topological Insulators, Molecular Dynamics , DFT , Electronic Trasnport


I am currently at the University of Alicante as a distinguished researcher thanks to the GenT program of the Generalitat Valenciana. At the end of 2018, and almost after two years in Israel where I did my second postdoctoral stay at the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science. Center that has been valued as the first non-American research center and the tenth worldwide. In this second postdoctoral stay I specialized in molecular electronics and spintronics. My first postdoctoral stay was 3 years at the University of Leiden in the prestigious laboratory of the Nobel laureate Kamerlingh Onnes, where I established myself as a benchmark in the measurement of electronic transport of atomic contacts, molecules and two-dimensional materials, both in ambient conditions and in high vacuum and cryogenics. To date, my achievements as a researcher are based on the publication of different articles in international journals, of which most of them are published in first quartile and high impact factor journals. I have also published a chapter in the book entitled "Recent advances within the field of materials science in Spain". Another achievement to highlight in my scientific career is the production of a patent for DNA sequencing by electronic transport through a graphene gap. Patent under the title "Method of preparing two-dimensional electrically conductive material having atomically sharp supported edges". Not only have my achievements been based on publications and patents, but I also feel fortunate since during my first postdoc I was able to mentor a total of 10 students, being 3 undergraduate students, 4 master's students with their respective master's thesis and 3 doctoral students.

In 2013, I obtained the title of international doctor in nanoscience and nanotechnology from the University of Alicante, under the supervision of Dr. Carlos Untiedt and Dr. María Jose Caturla. Realizing under his tutelage a theoretical-experimental doctoral thesis, entitled: theoretical and experimental study of the electronic transport and strucuture in atomic sized contacts. Thesis qualified Cum Laude by an international committee.

As a complement to my curriculum during the period between the end of my degree in physics and my doctorate, I worked in the private sector. first in AIDICO, a company in which he investigated mechanical hydraulic properties in natural stone and where he became responsible for the laboratory. then work at Visemar where I hold the position of Director of R&D.