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Fernando Hueso González

Fernando Hueso González




Affiliation: Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC), CSIC-Universitat de València

Fields or areas of research Medical Physics, Proton therapy, Brachytherapy, Radiotherapy

My name is Fernando Hueso González and I studied Physics at Universitat de València, Spain. I did my Master in Advanced Physics in the same institution, in the branch of Particle and Nuclear Physics. During my Master's thesis, I specialized in radiation detectors and their applications in medical physics. I did research secondments in Instituto de Física Corpuscular, in the group of Medical Imaging.

Later, I did my Phd in Dresden, Germany, with a Marie Curie - Initial Training Network fellowship. I specialized in the field of range verification in proton therapy, with the goal to improve the quality of the treatment of cancer patients, specially of tumors close to organs at risk. I received training in programming, analysis, medical physics, proton therapy, data acquisition systems and electronics. During the development of my PhD thesis, I collaborated in the development of a Compton camera and of the Prompt Gamma Ray Timing technique.

During the last three years, I was hired by Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital as a postdoctoral research fellow. In this centre, we are translating for the first time a prompt gamma-ray spectroscopy prototype to the clinics, with the goal to verify the proton range with 1 millimeter precision, thus improving the treatment delivered to the patients. This device is mounted on a robotic alignment system, whose motion control and software interface programming I was in charge of. The first measurement with patients was conducted in January 2020.