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Víctor Jesús Gómez Hernández

Víctor Jesús Gómez Hernández





Affiliation: Centro de Tecnología Nanofotónica - Polytechnic University of Valencia

Fields or areas of research Graphene and graphene-based devices. Integrated photonic circuits. Nanotechnology

My name is Víctor Jesús Gómez Hernández and in October 2020 I joined the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia as a Senior Researcher (Tenured). In particular, to the Nanophotonics Technology Center, where I lead the graphene and graphene-based devices group. I am an expert in materials growth and characterization (III-V and III-N semiconductors and graphene), and in clean room nanofabrication. I did my PhD at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in July 2017 and I did 2 postdoctoral stays at Cardiff and Lund University for a total of 3 years. In October 2020 I was awarded with a grant for attraction of researchers with international experience (CDEIGENT, >300 k€) from La Generalitat Valenciana. This gives me the opportunity to consolidate my Independence and to create my own research team within the NTC.

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