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Josep Canet-Ferrer

Josep Canet-Ferrer




Affiliation: Instituto de Ciencia Molecular (ICMol), University of Valencia

Fields or areas of research Light-matter interaction, Phase Change materials, Optical Spectroscopy, Metasurfaces, Single Photon emiters, 2D materials

PhD Cum Laude in Physics in 2012, Research Associate at the Imperial College London (2014), Research Fellow (JdC) at ICFO (2015-19), Senior Researcher (Investigador Distinguido) at the University of Valencia since 2019.
During last years he focused on nanofabrication of electrically driven devices contributing to the first demonstration of electrical gating of plasmons. He has also worked in the design of electrical heating electrodes and developed a nanofabrication method for cascading optical devices arranged in complex planar architectures. Thanks to these activities he has published >40 papers accumulating ca. 1000 in Q1 journals.

Thanks to these activities he has received a grant of excellence (Program GenT) to apply this expertize in the development of multifunctional nano-devices based in 2D materials. To launch this new research line at the University of Valencia, he is leading a small team with two PhD students while setting-up a new laboratory, the R-MION Lab, dedicated to study the interaction of magnetic materials with light from the UV to the MIR. Breaking-through results such as optically driven tuning of magnetic states in 2D crystals decorated with molecular NPs or the UV signatures of the phase transition in ultrathin films of spin crossover compounds are about to appear in press.

On top of that, he keeps making advances in the study of the exotic plasmon resonances supported by ultra-thin materials in collaboration with Top researchers in Plasmonics. Thus, he has recently started to give invited talks in conferences like NanoPlasMeta (2020 in Malta) and contributed in the organization special seasons in international conferences in Plasmonics, like PIERS Rome 2019.

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