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Víctor Sans Sangorrin

Víctor Sans Sangorrin





Affiliation: INAM - Institute of Advanced Materials - Universitat Jaume I

Fields or areas of research Sustainable chemistry, advanced materials, additive manufacturing, process engineering

After graduating an MEng degree in Chemical Engineering at the University Jaume I in 2003, followed by a MSc and a PhD in Sustainable Chemistry (2007) I took up a post-doctoral appointment at the University of Bath and later Warwick under the supervision of Prof. Alexei Lapkin. In 2011 I moved to Glasgow to work in the Cronin group as a PDRA and since 2013 as a Research Fellow in the same group. In 2014 I was appointed Assistant Professor and promoted to Associate Professor in 2018 at the University of Nottingham. In 2019, I took an appointment as a CIDEGENT Fellow and group leader at the Institute of Advanced Materials (INAM) at the University Jaume I where I currently develop my professional career in research and education as an independent academic.

My overarching research interests are to bridge the gap between chemistry and engineering to develop innovative sustainable solutions to some of the grand challenges facing humanity, including decarbonisation of the energy generation and storage, antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics and sustainable chemical manufacturing. I am interested in the direct translation of emerging properties of molecular and nanosized materials into active devices with the use of additive manufacturing technology. Under this philosophy my group is active in the development of advanced materials with redox, catalytic, optical and antimicrobial properties.

To date I have published 53 papers in top scientific and engineering journals (e.g. Nature Chemistry, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, ACIE), 3 book chapters and authored 1 UK patent. My work is regularly highlighted in a broad range of scientific and non-scientific news outlets.

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