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Adrián Irles Quiles

Adrián Irles Quiles





I am experimental physicist in the field of high energy physics with particle colliders. I am active member of the R&D CALICE Collaboration, International Linear Collider Collaboration (ILC), the CLIC Collaboration and the International Large Detector (ILD) collaboration and former member of the ATLAS collaboration.

I work doing R&D in high granularity calorimetry for future high energy lepton colliders: I am expert in system integration and beam test preparation, operation and data exploitation. I was task-leader in the WP5 of the AIDA2020 package (devoted for common DAQ developments). I also work in physics analysis activities: high precision top-quark mass measurements using LHC data and electroweak precision physics studies for the ILC using quark pair production as final state. I also contribute to the ILD detector and reconstruction algorithms optimization.