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Jomar Magalhaes Barbosa

Jomar Magalhaes Barbosa




Affiliation: University Miguel Hernández - Elche

Fields or areas of research Ecology of Terrestrial Ecosystems , Teledetection

My undergraduate degree in Biology was focused on both science and education. After finishing my PhD in Brazil, I was granted with different postdoctoral fellowships to work at Stanford University and Carnegie Institution for Science (USA). Then, I moved to Spain where I started a Juan de la Cierva fellowship at the Estación Biológica de Doñana - CSIC.

Spatial ecology and landscape-scale ecosystem functioning are the main focus of my peer-reviewed publications. In my work, I have used different sources of field and remote sensing data (e.g. airborne satellite sensors, long-term climate data). The challenges of analyzing massive amount of ecological data in previous research experiences have increased my interest on statistical inferences and modeling, machine learning, and faster algorithms. In my future research, I am looking forward to provide valuable and innovative insights on how climate-vegetation-fauna interactions operate, when climate-ecosystem feedbacks occur, and the role of human activities on earth.

In sum, I am professionally committed to use earth-imaging technologies to bridge gaps between environmental science, decision-making, and society for a sustainable world. My current personal goal is to connect teaching and scientific research in my professional activities.

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