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Esther Sebastián González

Esther Sebastián González




Finish date: 2019

Affiliation: Universidad Miguel Hernández

Fields or areas of research Ecology , Ornithology

I did my PhD at the Miguel Hernández University in Elche working with the role of artificial irrigation structures for the conservation of waterbirds. Then, I focused for three years in understanding the structure and functioning of seed-dispersal interaction networks at the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and at Stanford University (USA). From there I moved to the University of Hawaii to learn how to apply bioacoustics to the study of bird communities. Since 20017 I am back in Elche studying different aspects of animal community and interactions ecology. I am specially interested in disentangling global scale patterns affecting scavenger (carrion consuming animals) assemblages and how they are affected by climate change and defaunation.

People associated with the project as predoctoral research staff: 1

People associated with the project as technical support staff: 3