José J. Baldoví

José J. Baldoví




Affiliation: Instituto de Ciencia Molecular (ICMol), Universitat de València

Fields or areas of research 2D Materials, Nanomagnetism, Computational Chemistry, Quantum Computing, Spintronics.

José J. Baldoví (Xàtiva, 1986) is a distinguished researcher with international experience in the Molecular Science Institute (ICMol) of the University of València (UVEG). He currently leads the research line on chemical design and modeling of hybrid multifunctional heterostructures based on magnetic molecules and 2D materials. He completed a BSc in Chemistry (extraordinary award, UVEG) carrying out the final year research project in Cambridge University, UK, where he started his research activity. Then, he joined Prof. Coronado and completed an MSc and a PhD thesis in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, both with extraordinary award. His PhD thesis, based on the rational design of molecular nanomagnets with applications in nanoscience, molecular spintronics and quantum technologies, was achieved the highest score between all the PhD thesis in Chemistry of the UVEG (100/100). Furthermore, his PhD was recognized at national level with the 2nd Runner-up Prize at NanoMatMol Best PhD 2016 Contest delivered by the specialized group of "Nanociencia y Materiales Moleculares" from the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (RSEQ) and Royal Society of Physics (RSEF) and, at European level, with the best oral presentation at the VI European Conference in Molecular Magnetism (ECMM 2017). In 2017 he moved to Prof. Ángel Rubio's research group in the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter in Hamburg, Germany, after being awarded with a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship of the European Commission. This postdoctoral experience expanded his research interests to the field of theoretical simulation of 2D materials and van der Waals heterostructures, allowing him to design novel multifunctional materials. In January 2020 he moved back to ICMol after being awarded a CDEIGENT excellence contract (290 k€) thanks to the Plan GenT of the Generalitat Valenciana. Since 2012, Baldoví is co-author of 40 Q1 scientific articles (43 in total) and a book chapter, being first author in more than 50% of them. His works have attracted more than 1900 citations so far (h index = 21). Furthermore, he holds a Master in Science Communication that allows him to transfer the value of science to society through different public science articles and events.

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