What is GenT Plan?

The Program for the support of talented researchers (GenT Plan) was born in 2017 as a determined commitment of the Consell for the recovery, attraction and consolidation of talent in the Valencian research, development and innovation system. Its main purpose is the achievement of a new growth model that gravitates on excellence, knowledge, technology and the productive sectors to face the economic and social challenges of the future.

The aim of this plan is to attract, retain and consolidate the career of researchers of international excellence in all areas of knowledge so that they can develop their R & D & I projects in public universities and research centers of the Valencian Community. Its specific objectives are: (1) raising the level of excellence of the Valencian R & D & i system, (2) increasing the international presence of Valencian research activity and attracting European funds to support research in the frontiers of knowledge and (3) the retention in the Valencian R + D + i system of young researchers with international projection, supporting the initiation and development of their research projects.

The GenT Plan includes three grants:


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0 active researchers

0 million investment in 2020

0 million in 2021

0 million in 2022

0 new grants this year